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Kasmaran is intoxicating with exotic notes of Oud and Incense, while the warm Musk Pepper and Coriander lend the spice notes rounding off with subtle hints of Frangipani, Lemongrass, and Vanilla. The sensuality of Kasmaran worn by both men and women, is addicting.   Agarwood (also known as 'OUD') is very precious, intense, mystical and very inspiring, a rich complex scent. Oud can be described as smoky, almost tobacco-like with a vanilla note. It has an amazing balance between a leathery and a woody scent.


20% Fragrance Oil - Made in France



Oud, Indonesian musk pepper, coriander, frangipani, vanilla, lemongrass and rare spices.

Kasmaran Eau de Parfum

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  • BALI, the mysterious Island of the Gods and a Thousand Temples, is a distant and exotic world that was instantly captured and the inspiration behind the Kasmaran fragrance. Kim's prolonged explorations through magnificent gardens, coastal rich mountainous land and bucolic scenery were focal points of admiration. The Balinese people are captivating with their warm hospitality, peaceful prayers and sacred offerings, experiencing a life changing moment and an everlasting spiritual journey. A land of rich culture and love, there Kasmaran evolved. 


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