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Like a carefully orchestrated tango, the sun sets as if kissing the sea of Cortex, Soft cool breezes veil the desert and lush flowers creating a fresh aquatic medley of aromatic sensory bliss


15% Fragrance Oil Made in USA


Notes: Agave nectar, driftwood, musk, hibiscus and lime.

Beso Del Mar Eau de Parfum

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  • From the rooftop terrace overlooking the Sea of Cortez, white billowy cloths sway like a ballet dancer. The perfect scene is set as the night air cools the warm desert sands. Flowers release an efflorescence aromatic veil creating a captivating moment. In the distance, the moon illuminates the rippling waters. Like a carefully orchestrated concert, the sun kisses the sea and creates a medley of sensory bliss, becoming the Kiss of The Sea.

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