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The Spadaro Story

Woman posing for her brand.  Kim Spadaro, Founder of Spadaro House of Fragrances.  Business woman.  Beautiful woman.  Green eyes.

Visionary, alchemist fragrance designer, Kim Spadaro combines her strong passion for design, travel and humanities to formulate an assembly of scents that are intimate and timeless.  With a wanderlust curiosity, she captures the serendipity of special moments in her journeys that hold unexpected sight, smell, sound and taste, sealing her destiny to imbue beautiful fragrances. Spadaro incorporates the most luxurious and rarest of essential oils and scents from around the globe, as she dares to explore outside the boundaries, with a thirst to discover the unforeseen. Every drop engages, composes a personal connection and forms a poetic odyssey for your olfactory senses.​ 

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