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"My scents are my memories and experiences from global locations.  Passionate like written in sonnets and poetry, but in perfumes with a sensual nature, a touch of innocence and spirituality. Fragrance notes that evoke bliss, and exotic spices to arouse thoughts, hidden dreams and sultry pleasure."

~ Kim Spadaro 

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Practicing independence, being free-spirited allows Spadaro to effortlessly go beyond the confinement of rules.  It allows creativity to flourish and the brand to dare. 

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Welcome to Spadaro

Spadaro offers a selection of luxury perfumes, each crafted with the highest quality ingredients and inspired by global destinations. From Mallorca to Morocco and Indonesia to Italy. The collection captures the sights, sounds, and vibrancy of each place in each distinct scent. Their complex exotic blends have endless longevity.

Spadaro is sensual, exotic, and mesmerizing. With every spritz, you'll be transported to destinations and experience something truly unique.


Mission & Vision


Spadaro's fragrances are created to have an intimate connection to the globe and coexist with cultures. Spadaro brings inspiration, strength and messages of mindfulness in each fragrance story.


Spadaro effortlessly embodies both joie de vivre and excellence in the world of luxury. Remaining tenacious each creation conveys authentic alchemy with the world.

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